Export Limited  company taking advantage of the know-how of the domestic sales,which were cultivated up the now in the auto will,will continue to expand the market to the open sea.

offer without japan manufacturer such that can accommodate a wide range of customer needs of overseas is possible.in addition ,so we also compatible with other parts sales,please fell free to contact us.

The flow of the open sea export

  • STEP1


    If you wish your car, we will propose the heavy equipment.

  • STEP2


    car of your choice from our customers,we will order the heavy equipment.

  • STEP3


    we will carry out negotiations of your amount(budget)

  • STEP4

    export procedures

    we will buy from the sale cooperation shop or our stock car and each auction venue.

  • STEP5

    arrival confirmation

    export at steamship meeting inc,the company has a contract registration agency shipping seen paperwork.booking customer paperwork.

  • STEP6

    arrival confirmation

    caution vehicle arrival

  • ※note(explanatory note

    ※for payment we will be meeting each time.

The entire export image.

Auction cooperation shop our stock
port of Yokohama
Local(actual palace)